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We are looking for professional and qualified people who love horses as much as we do! If you have experience with horses, we would love to hear from you!

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Welcome to Phantom Equine Watch!

Who are we?

Phantom Equine Watch is a service to ensure the safety of your horses, barns, and staff. Our employees are available for different shifts to assist in duties ranging from the night watch to aiding in birth, patrolling and keeping an eye out for danger so you can enjoy your vacation or time with your family.

Our Services Include 4 Unique Areas:

Night Shift - Overnight watchers to keep your barn and horses safe.

Birth - Skilled horse people who can aid in birth.

Recovery - Attentive and caring watchers to assist in caring for a post-birth or injured horse.

Day Shift - Barn chores and additional responsibilities negotiable.

For Inquiries Please Contact

Paul Hannam, Owner
Phone 289-527-4722

Mailing Address:
35A Lingwood Drive, PO Box 245
Waterford Ontario N0E 1Y0